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What we do

We work towards many goals in the EFFUA. One of them is to promote independent trade unionism for the fire fighting profession in all countries of the world. We also promote full trade union rights for fire fighters in all countries.

We also work towards the highest standards of fire fighting professionalism in order to achieve the highest level of community safety in all countries. Another goal is to promote the best levels of remuneration, working conditions and retirement pension provision for fire fighters throughout the world.

One of our most important goal is to promote the highest standards of safety for fire fighters in all countries, through the adoption of safe working practices, staffing standards and the provision of the best available equipment.

We also stand for the social and economic rights of its retirees, including health care and preservation of the value of pensions.

We seek to ensure that the fire fighting profession and consequently fire fighter unions are representative of the communities that they serve throughout the world; and to vigorously oppose discrimination on grounds of religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, disability, age or trade union activity.

We want to ensure that the interests of fire fighters are represented in all relevant international legislative and standard setting bodies.